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XRP Ledger Could Enter The Recently Popular NFT Market

XRP Ledger Could Enter The Recently Popular NFT Market

Unique tokens (NFT), the latest trend in cryptocurrencies. Not only because of corporate interest but also for the past few months, NFTs have been generating serious revenue streams.According to the latest news, Ripple (XRP) based XRPL Labs are entering the NFT market. In a long series of Tweets, the platform announced XRPL as “IoUs”. Regular securities are also known as regular tokens, given that several tokens are tokenized financial liabilities.

XRPL used the following statements in its last tweet:

“By using the term IOU, XRPL is giving the Ripple notebook to many organizations and individuals to create their own tokens. You can create your own Ripple ledger with low fees and high speed. “

XRPL has been received interesting by the NFT community. But Ripple’s NFTs will be used for different purposes than Ethereum (ETH). XRPL Labs made the following statements:

“On NFTs: It is possible to create it over XRPL. The working principle is different compared to Ethereum. This month, our intern at XRPL Labs will publish research on NFTs. ”

Rather than receiving assistance in researching and developing NFTs in the eyes of the artists, XRPL Labs has recruited a new intern named ‘Hubert’.

Big names, including Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, had sold their work using NFT. In the digital art sector, where investors such as Mark Cuban are located, the industry protects the copyright of artists with cryptographic tokens.

Expert Opinion on NFTs

While it is the topic of discussion in the crypto space, not everyone is optimistic about NFTs. Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie Lee says NFTs are not true art .

Lee said NFTs are unlimited and don’t have any creation costs. He said that real art takes effort, time and money. He also stated that the works of art Picasso created during his life were limited. According to Lee, this creates famine and thus keeps the value high.

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Samuel Hegi , who first became acquainted with blockchain technology in 2014, is highly critical of blockchain technology. Samuel Hegi, a journalism graduate from the University of Brighton he is the editor-in-chief of the news portal. Blockchain is love.

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