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WorldCoinIndex Weekly Crypto Money Derivative Market Report

WorldCoinIndex Weekly Crypto Money Derivative Market Report

Last week, the cryptocurrency market recovered after a sudden price drop on June 13, stabilizing. For example, after the recovery, Bitcoin price fluctuates between a maximum of $ 9,300 and $ 9,600. Similarly, most other cryptocurrencies fluctuate with low percentages.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin traded at $ 9,400, Ethereum $ 229, Litecoin $ 43.45, EOS $ 2.52 and Bitcoin Cash $ 243.56. Considering the final averages, all of these are a bit low; therefore, it is possible that the price increase will take place next week.That is much more important that the crypto-currency decline in value of derivatives offered by a summary of the main events from occurring in the market WorldCom Index:

Between 15-19 June, the option volume fell sharply to $ 145.84 million to $ 90.24 million.

A high volume decrease was observed in futures from $ 7.76 billion to $ 4.43 billion.

Demand bonds decreased 50% from $ 18.02 billion to $ 9.1 billion.

Crypto currency derivatives 24 hours total volume, was reported to be 13.70 billion fills. Thus, a transaction volume of 9.18 billion dollars was recorded in demand bonds; this was followed by futures with $ 4.43 billion and options with $ 90.23 billion.

Current open position rates

Crypto derivatives total open position rates have not changed much compared to last week, but given that WCI currently holds a total of $ 5.80 billion of open positions, nearly $ 200 million more open positions were recorded than last week’s $ 5.59 billion.

In terms of categories, 2.47 billion dollars of bonds in demand, 1.90 billion dollars in the futures and options positions 1:41 billion deficit seen.

Related cryptocurrency derivative data

Last week, the total trading volume of 258.46 billion dollars was recorded in all crypto currency. It is reported that the 24-hour volume was 32.24 billion dollars. Available data show that these figures cover a total of 2,958 trade open coins.

Thus, similar to the recession still available last week. Analysts are trying to determine when the world economy will open completely. While cryptocurrencies can withstand absolutely immense pressure, they shine when capital is widely available and investment in crypto is growing. Demand is mostly driven by investments, as actual purchase-based use remains low.

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