World Famous Trader: Bitcoin Will See These Levels Step By Step!

World Famous Trader: Bitcoin Will See These Levels Step By Step!

World famous analyst and trader Michael van de Poppe believes that Bitcoin has a good chance of recovery. Also, the analyst states that BTC will reach $ 9,800 and later in the near future, $ 12,000.

Michael van de Poppe: Bitcoin can break $ 11-12 thousand!

Successful analyst Michael van de Poppe believes that if certain conditions are met, Bitcoin has the possibility to return to the uptrend and break the $ 11,000 or even $ 12,000. According to data from the analytics site CoinMarketCap, recently the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin suddenly fell from the $ 9,350 area and fell below $ 9,000. Bitcoin reached $ 8,990 with this move, but it didn’t stay there for a long time and recovered quickly, trading at $ 9,150 at the time of writing.

Thus, BTC fell from $ 9,930 to $ 9,300 on June 11 instead of passing the $ 10,000 resistance. Since then, Bitcoin has been trading in a narrow trading range. However, famous analyst Michael van de Popple (also known as Crypto Michael) suggests that under certain circumstances, Bitcoin not only saved the $ 9,800 area, but also had a chance to go above $ 10,000.

Trader: More confirmation is required for Bitcoin to rise to $ 12,000!

Michael van de Popple said in his latest analysis that the situation of the leading cryptocurrency did not look too bad. Analyst points out that similar downward structures in BTC have been seen earlier this year and there has been a boom after each. The successful analyst on the chart shows that the price of Bitcoin is likely to reach $ 9,300 and then return to $ 9,000 before returning to the $ 10,000 region.

After this move, the analyst expects BTC to reach $ 9,800. Analysts say buyers need to support $ 9,300 first, and then $ 9,000. If all this happens, Michael van de Popple states that Bitcoin could rise to $ 11,000 and $ 12,000 after $ 9,800.

Master analyst: Bitcoin could slide to $ 7,791 in bearish scenario

However, the analyst says that the bullish trend is more likely, but it also looks at a bearish scenario. According to Michael van de Popple, if the price of BTC can’t keep the $ 9,000 level and falls below $ 8,800, it could break the $ 8,400 and fall down to $ 7,791.

Michael van de Poppe accurately predicted an altcoin season in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, the analyst informed the previous decline movements in Bitcoin hours ago, and there are other successful BTC predictions of the analyst.

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