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What is the Latest Situation in the Cryptocurrency Market? Will Bitcoin and Altcoins Continue to Rise?

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Bitcoin and altcoins are rebounding. Will the rise continue?

What is the Latest Situation in the Cryptocurrency Market? Will Bitcoin and Altcoins Continue to Rise?

Cryptocurrencies continue their struggle to break the downtrend. So much so that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin ( BTC ) recently started a rapid increase while trading at the level of $ 53,000 and managed to reach the level of $ 59,000.

With this price increase in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also turned green again and started an increase. Here is the current situation in Bitcoin and altcoins .

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has recently exhibited quite volatile price movements. After reaching the $59,000 level last week, the leading cryptocurrency experienced a rapid decline and fell to the level of $ 53,650.

After trading around $53,600 for a while, Bitcoin started to rise again as of yesterday evening and once again rose above $59,000.

Leader crypto-currency Bitcoin , manages to hold at this level, it can target more than $ 60,000 and after the first.

Bitcoin continues to trade at $56,942, down 0.20% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap data, as of the time of writing.

Latest Situation in Altcoins

The volatile movements in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin affect the altcoin market quite a lot. So much so that with the collapse in Bitcoin, great decreases were recorded in altcoins. However, with Bitcoin starting to recover, similar movements began in altcoins.

Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, started a rapid rise with Bitcoin’s rise. So much so that the popular altcoin was traded at $ 4,100 in the past days, and with the increase, it reached the level of $ 4,759.

Ethereum is currently trading at $4,713, up 6.60% in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

On the other hand, when we look at Binance Coin ( BNB ) and Solana ( SOL ), there were increases in two popular altcoins. BNB is up 2.88% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at $629.

There is a similar increase in Solana. Popular altcoin SOL fell below $200 with the decline experienced in the past days. However, SOL rebounded and surged 7% in the last 24 hours to as high as $217.

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