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What is Mercatox? What Does It Do?

What is Mercatox? What Does It Do?

Along with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are increasingly adopted today, many different platforms are beginning to emerge. These platforms also make the lives of many cryptocurrency investors easier. Mercatox is one of these platforms. Mercatox offers users many features such as smart contracts -based trading, payment and peer-to-peer transfer within the cryptocurrency world .

Mercatox, beyond being a platform with many different features according to its own statements, aims to create a developed, modern financial market in the cryptocurrency world.

The Story of Mercatox

The story of the company began in 2016, when the cryptocurrency world was suddenly developing and adopted by the public. Mercatox was presented as a major cryptocurrency exchange as an answer for those who want to trade cryptocurrencies. The exchange aimed to become a platform that could be used by all levels of traders, from beginner to pro.

With more than 600 thousand users, Mercatox was listed as one of the top 100 exchanges on Coinmarketcap at the beginning of November 2019. The company states that they will develop further with various studies in the future. The company uses the following expressions as its job description:

“We aim to provide a convenient experience for users to access the cryptocurrency market comfortably through our exchange, by providing the best support with our different interface as well as the fast response and solution suggestions we offer to our users .”

Mercatox; It is a trading platform created for users who want to trade cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. In addition, the “Deposit and Withdrawal” service is offered for users who want to deposit or withdraw money to the user balance of Mercatox for their investment activity needs.

Mercatox has listed hundreds of cryptocurrencies so far. And it is stated that this listing will continue. There are currently more than 700 trading pairs on the exchange, and this number is constantly growing.

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What are Mercatox Advantages?

  • Two-level affiliate program
  • Loyalty Program
  • Low prices

The company expresses at every opportunity that it plans not only to provide a service with different capabilities, but also to create a new financial market in the digital world. The firm’s technical team and financial team are working together to improve:

  • Lending Program
  • Market Order and Stop Order
  • Margin trading
  • DEX
  • Custom trading API and Websocket API
  • Contact

Customer satisfaction is very important for the platform. It works to provide the best support for users who use team services.

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