What is DappRadar and How Is It Used?

What is DappRadar and How Is It Used?

DappRadar is also the largest dApp distribution line in the world and serves as a funnel where dApp users, researchers, journalists, analysts and investors can easily access actionable market data and make informed decisions.Users can sort dApps through user and volume filters and quickly discover the most used dApps. Similarly, dApp developers can use the platform and reach new users from the developer dashboard .

DappRadar supporters


DappRadar traders are Naspers Ventures, Ventures and Angel Invest Berlin. Investing in companies and sectors with high strategies and long-term growth potential. DappRadar has managed to create a strong trademark and product in the field.

Clean data task

DappRadar acknowledges that the use of analysis depends on users’ trust in data. Users do not always think about the back and preparation of the job, but grasp the correct data intuitively.

This is an extremely important area for DappRadar and its future business model. DappRadar, who is currently working on this topic, says he will announce something very important about traffic data in 2020. DappRadar is currently filtering dApp data; It actively works to eliminate counterfeit and irrelevant activities (mostly bots) and provide actionable market intelligence.


DappRadar Headquarters, co-founder and CEO of Skirmantas Januskas is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Lithuania is a great place to turn ideas into reality. The first limit is an information and communication technology infrastructure; There is a flexible, multilingual talent pool, favorable business environment, regulatory environment, access to the Euro Zone and the European market with more than 500 million consumers. Many different companies from many fields are already developing here.

Dapp ranking

The most important place of DappRadar is the ranking section. More than 3,500 dApps are listed and ranked. The list continues to expand. dApps appear in 14 blockchains and 9 categories.

Users can sort and try the most active and potentially profitable dApps by categories, number of users, and transaction volume.

discovery dApp

The discovery became the focus of DappRadar in 2020. The user experience now lies at the center of the redesigned website, and DappRadar is working diligently to guide users in the search for dApp.

New sections like Editor’s Picks and Recommended dApps drive new users and let them discover what the decentralized world has to offer.


Unique dApp pages that focus on the most popular categories are another feature added in 2020. These pages combine the data, content and user control panel in one place; thus increasing the user experience and overall visual appeal when using DappRadar.

News and content

DappRadar has created a very active blog and includes the media in the dApp ecosystem; it shares regular industry reports, analytics, and trending news that feed larger audiences. The team of expert writers and analysts is comprised of senior people, journalists and bloggers who constantly conduct market analysis and research using DappRadar.

DappRadar also organizes competitions, gifts and training sessions via the blog – so you might want to sign up for

User dashboard

The board, which is currently in beta, is still available to all DappRadar users. The user panel allows users to track their wallets on the DappRadar platform. You can quickly see what you are sending and receiving and create graphics based on your activity in all dApp categories.


Developer market

DappRadar offers the first developer panel and market product in the industry, which is currently operational even in beta. The developer market unites the piecemeal decentralized ecosystem, and you can reach the essentials for dApp development in one click. Developers can access a rich third party that will power dApp projects, or related products and services to power their projects. So they can get the attention they deserve at the maximum level.

Developer dashboard

In the developer panel, developers have full control over the dApps listed in DappRadar. Developers can gain full control over their projects by editing, renewing the category, and uploading new smart contracts to ensure accurate data is tracked. They are sure that the project can shine in the crowd and enter memorable descriptions and visuals.

Dapp developers can also interact with the sales team through the portal, which allows quick and easy creation of advertising campaigns and support of marketing activities through DappRadar.


DappRadar’s new OpenData product allows users to query, visualize and discover blockchain data. You can save, share and distribute to the world by using beautiful visuals.

For more advanced users, DappRadar will be rolling out the SQL-enabled control panel soon. It will allow users to identify interesting data points and transform this complex data into actionable information.

Currently, users can access the DEX, Compound and Reddit community points panels on DappRadar. OpenData allows users to easily discover and visualize DEX transaction volume, trader counts, transactions and more; Although there are currently 7 DEXs, more will be added to the platform.


DappRadar’s custom made Reddit community points tracking tool is set up to capture the adoption data of the community points system offered to Reddit users of the r / CryptoCurrency and r / FortniteBR subreddit.


The Compound panel is still a work in progress, but it is the first of many customized panels created with the dApp development team. The Compound panel helps users analyze supplier and borrowing effectiveness.


Road map

DappRadar will verify its leadership position in the field of dApp analysis, currently under construction and in the future; He is working hard to provide a roadmap with groundbreaking products and services.The dApp ecosystem is just beginning, and DappRadar says they are proud to be a part of it.

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