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USA Puts $ 5 Million Award For Name Behind Venezuela’s Crypto Currency

USA Puts $ 5 Million Award For Name Behind Venezuela’s Crypto Currency

A new move came from the United States, and a top Venezuelan official has been added to the most wanted list.In the statement, it was emphasized that people who provide useful information about the capture of this person will be awarded millions of dollars.

$ 5 Million Reward

The person sought is quite interesting. Joselit Ramírez, the name behind Venezuela’s cryptocurrency, Petro.Ramírez, 33, also has deep social and political ties with former Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami.

Tareck El Aissami is also on the U.S.’s most wanted list due to his actions on drug and money laundering.Regarding Ramírez, he is said to break the law with his contact with drug barons and actions such as money laundering to overcome US sanctions.


At this point, America is offering a reward of $ 5 million to anyone who will cause the arrest or sentence of the name behind Petro.

Using Crypto to Get Rid of US Sanctions

Since the launch of the state cryptocurrency Petro , it is claimed that Venezuela has overcome financial sanctions in its relations with other countries.Just last week, it was stated that the South American country bought gas from five major ships from another US enemy, Iran, after months of trouble due to the US sanctions imposed. It was stated that the operation was carried out without any signs of intervention from the US government.

After the arrival of the tankers, Venezuela ordered all petrol stations in the country to include the Petro cryptocurrency as an option to pay. This order. It means that Venezuelans can now get fuel using petroleum.Earlier this year, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) accused Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other government officials of international drug operations that expose the United States to illegal drugs for more than 20 years.DOJ also claimed that the perpetrators used cryptocurrencies to hide the illegal transactions of drug cartels.

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