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TRON (TRX) Price Predictions, TRON Coin Reviews & More

TRON (TRX) Price Predictions, TRON Coin Reviews & More

In this article, we will briefly discuss what is TRON -what is not, what is TRX , TRON coin comments , what direction TRON (TRX) price predictions are.TRON is the new Bitcoin for some , and for others it is an inflated bubble. On the other hand, whatever anyone says, TRON stands out as a decentralized new generation entertainment platform without intermediaries.

Briefly What is TRON? What is TRON Coin?

Defining itself as a decentralized new generation entertainment entertainment platform, TRON aims to ensure that its users can share their content with any person anywhere in the world. The platform uses Blockchain technology to manage all its operations and keep records . It is possible to generate platform tokens on the platform, as in the Ethereum platform. On the other hand, comparing itself to Ethereum, TRON underlines that Ethereum, the largest distributed computer network, can only perform 25 transactions per second, while itself can perform 2000 transactions.

The name of the TRON platform coin, in other words the name of the TRON coin is TRONIX and its abbreviation is TRX.

TRON’s Focus and Solutions

Let’s say you are a creator on YouTube. In order to earn advertising revenue, you produce videos of at least 10 minutes and spend hours and even days to shoot and edit these 10-minute videos. So what does YouTube do when you get the ad revenue from a 10-minute video? It shares up to 30-40% of your income. In a way, platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Facebook are actually a commissioner for content producers. And even these platforms have the right to censor your content.

At this point, the main purpose of the TRON platform, which stands out by taking power from Blockchain, is to create an ecosystem of free entertainment content worldwide. Eliminating middlemen, the platform plans to give all revenue to the content producer. If we make it clearer here; Suppose a user of the TRON network produces a 10-minute video just like it did for YouTube. The creator can upload this video to the TRON blockchain and earn revenue based on views, likes or dislikes. TRON does not take any deductions from the content creator’s income. The platform leaves it entirely to the TRON community to determine whether a video is successful or not. In this way, central control and censorship is eliminated and malicious content is eliminated.

Who’s Behind TRON? Who’s TRON?

The management of the TRON platform is held by the TRON Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization. The mission of the foundation is to ensure that the TRON network operates based on the principles of transparency, fairness and openness. The supervision of the foundation is in the Singapore Corporate Law and Accounting and Regulatory Authority. Justin Sun is the head of the team of the TRON Foundation. Sun is both CEO and founder of the TRON Foundation.

TRON Coin Review (s)

TRON (TRX), which many people kept at a distance when it was working on the Ethereum Blockchain, broke many prejudices and promoted from token to coin since its transition to its network.

From December 2017 to January 2018, it continues on its way with valuable purchases such as TRON, Steem, DLive, which provided a huge return of 2000% to its investors. Listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges that have proven themselves, TRX always continues to offer great opportunities to its investors. There seems to be no limit to what Justin Sun, who is particularly ambitious, can do for the future of the platform. So much so that while this situation of Sun pleases many investors, it also scares many investors.

TRX Price

Currently 1 TRON 0.226780 TL . Also, 1 TRON is 0.030493 dollars . 0.226780 for 1 TRON Turkish Lira or 0.030493 $ dollars can be taken. TRON price is currently 0.226780 with 4.79% change in the last 24 hours . It is traded in TL .

Last 24 hours TRON volume of 1,922,434,707 $ dollars , the market value of the currency and crypto 2,176,427,410 $ dollars dr.

TRX price Charts

Disclaimer: Data is provided by cryptocurrency exchanges and may be delayed as indicated by cryptocurrency exchanges or our data providers. Coinkolik does not check the accuracy of any data and refuses any liability in this regard.

Where Can I Get TRX?

TRX, a very popular crypto currency, is listed on many major domestic and foreign crypto currency exchanges. You can buy TRX from giant local cryptocurrency exchanges such as Paribu as well as from giant foreign cryptocurrency exchanges such as OKEx. You will not be trading after buying TRX, let’s underline that it would be beneficial to store your coins from a wallet you create instead of keeping them in the exchange for security. You can find our detailed TRX buying guide  here .

Where Can I Store My TRXs?

For your safety, it is useful to keep your TRXs that you buy from an exchange in a wallet. There is an important detail in the crypto money market. That means you have your own pricate key so that you can call any coin mine. You can download and use TRX wallets developed by the TRON community on TRON’s official website according to your business system. TRX wallets are offered for many platforms, including Android, Web, Chrome, iOS and Desktop, to meet the exact needs of users.

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