Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Over Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP Announced!

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Over Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP Announced!

Cryptocurrency rating agency Weiss Ratings says these 10 cryptocurrencies are now technologically superior to Bitcoin and XRP.The financial rating agency has built a unique model for each cryptocurrency asset in categories such as technology, adoption, investment risk, and market momentum.

The US-based analyst firm based ; Cardano (ADA), Tezos (XTZ), Fantom (FTM) and Cosmos (ATOM) are the top four cryptocurrency assets in terms of technology. Holo (HOT), Ethereum (ETH), Iota (IOTA), Bitshares (BTS), Grin (GRIN) and Nexus (NXS) also received “good” ratings from Weiss. Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP also got “Moderate” ratings.

Bitcoin’s Rating Not Too High, XRP Remains In Class

When it comes to adoption, Ethereum leads the model with an “A” rating. Bitcoin comes in second place with its “A-” degree of adoption. XRP, Stellar (XLM), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH) and Tezos all received a “B” adoption rating.As for the general rating; Bitcoin is affiliated with Ethereum and both cryptocurrencies receive a “B +” rating. XRP, Stellar, Litecoin and Tezos are closely following the “B-” rating.

Meanwhile, Weiss Crypto closely monitors the price movements of the cryptocurrency markets. In a blog post, analyst Juan Villaverde said that crypto assets are showing signs of recovery after they plummeted in recent weeks.According to Villaverde, the lows earlier this month are likely to be a sign that the cryptocurrency markets are providing a basis for preparation for a bull rally before the year ends.

When it comes to Bitcoin, Villaverde says the asset remains by far the market leader.

“As we often say, this is critical to a sustainable cryptocurrency bull market because Bitcoin is for many an asset to resort to when they want to take refuge in the widespread asset price inflation policies followed by the central bank.”

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