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This Popular Altcoin Will Be Sold At 10,000 Markets In France!

This Popular Altcoin Will Be Sold At 10,000 Markets In France!

French crypto company Digycode supported the purchase of Tezos (XTZ) with prepaid coupons and gift cards. Integration is the product of a partnership between Digycode and Nomadic Labs ‘research and development team, contributing to the preservation of Tezos’ basic code.Christopher Villegas, co-founder of Digycode, added Tezos as one of the “most promising” crypto projects, adding that the list was evaluated a few months later.

XTZ is sold in 10,000 shops in France

Starting on Tuesday, French customers can now purchase Tezos in the form of coupons and prepaid cards at 10,000 tobacco shops, gas stations and mini markets across the country.Now Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecon (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and a total of six different assets including crypto Dash Digycode can be purchased through the store network. Users who want to buy crypto from Digycode stores must first create an account on the company’s website with KYC verification.

Digycode targets small traders and buyers can fill their crypto accounts as € 20 ($ 22), € 50 ($ 55) or € 200 ($ 220). The firm sets a crypto purchase limit of 1,000 € per day and a monthly limit of 10,000 €.Digycode’s website warns that user behavior demonstrating illegal activities may cause account restrictions or closings.

French businessman defends toning Mona Lisa

Digycode was launched in August 2017 to make cryptocurrencies more available to French investors.The firm is a branch of Toulouse Digital Service, which also offers Zebitex and ZeBitcoin crypto trading services. In 2018, Digycode facilitated 65,000 crypto refills nationwide.

Crypto seems to be late in France, the French court presides over a dispute between a crypto exchange and an investment company that recognized Bitcoin as its currency in February. On Tuesday, French businessman Stephane Distinguin argued that the French state had tokenize and sell the Mona Lisa painting to alleviate the economic effects of COVID-19.

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