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This CryptoPunk NFT Has Sold Well Under Value!

According to the information obtained, an NFT that should have been sold for 4,444 ETH was sold for 4,444 ETH just because of a punctuation mark.

This CryptoPunk NFT Has Sold Well Under Value!

CryptoPunk 7557 NFT was sold earlier today for 4,444 ETH, or $19,400. However, this figure was 95% below the current base price, so NFT was sold at a very low price.

7557 Rare NFTs

The CryptoPunk in question was one of only 55 NFTs crowned in the collection. According to CryptoPunk creator Larva Labs, the cheapest “Tiara Punk” is priced at 350 ETH ($1.5 million). The last sale of a crowned CryptoPunk was for 196.69 ETH ($843,000).

So listing this NFT at this price seems to be due to a major mistake. According to its listing history, the previous owner put NFT up for sale for 8,888 ETH ($31 million). So just one punctuation error could have caused a huge loss.

CryptoPunk 7557 NFT
CryptoPunk 7557 NFT

CryptoPunk NFTs

Since CryptoPunk is selling well below market price , it looks like the buyer did his best to buy NFT . At this point, the buyer used a messaging service called flashbots, which allows Ethereum users to negotiate with miners to obtain priority transactions.

On the other hand, although today’s sale was unexpectedly low on a price basis, last week it was claimed that the largest CryptoPunk sale ever took place. However, this was also a complete misunderstanding. If the situation were real, an NFT would have been sold for $532 million.

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