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This Altcoin broke a record in Binance: $ 16 million exceeded!

This Altcoin broke a record in Binance: $ 16 million exceeded!

Glassnode reported that LINK, which was recently sent to Binance wallets, recorded the largest recorded net transfer volume in one day. In popular altcoin, $ 16 million flowed to Binance in one day.

Over $ 16 million LINK altcoin transferred to Binance in one day

Glassnode recently shared some interesting data. This time, the company has released data on Chainlink (LINK) altcoin , which has recently attracted the attention of many investors and traders . Analytical firm Glassnode reported that the daily large LINK volume was recorded in Binance as the stock market became the target of almost 5,000 LINK transactions during the weekend. The research company stated that this is the largest daily amount of cryptocurrencies transferred.

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According to the latest Glassnode report, over $ 16 million of LINKs were sent to Binance wallets in one day. The analytics firm emphasized that investors made about 5,000 transactions to reach these LINKs to Binance. Glassnode analytics team added that this is the largest daily net transfer ever to the stock market.

Chainlink (LINK) saw new peaks in some metrics

However, another data shared by Glassnode over the weekend indicates that the total number of LINK transfers increased by almost fifty percent from 317,625 to 563,625. As previously reported by cryptocoin, several LINK metrics have increased, according to Glassnode. In particular, a major increase in LINK transactions in exchanges over a 24-hour period was recorded: an increase of 738.3%. In addition, LINK entrances to the stock exchanges (177.6 percent increase in 24 hours), the number of active wallets and the average trading volume reached new big heights.

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