“These Levels Are Near!”: Here are the Critical Bitcoin Predictions from the 3 World Famous Traders

“These Levels Are Near!”: Here are the Critical Bitcoin Predictions from the 3 World Famous Traders.

However, there are also analysts in BTC who say the decline scenario is now in action. Here are Bitcoin predictions from master analysts and traders…

Here are critical Bitcoin forecasts from master analysts and traders

Josh Rager: The win-win Bitcoin scenario is live!

Josh Rager, a famous cryptocurrency analyst and trader, suggests that regardless of  which path the Bitcoin price chooses, both will be beneficial for the BTC community. At the time of writing, Bitcoin sits at $ 9,080 per cryptocurrency. Regardless of whether Bitcoin is moving up or down, Josh Rager states that there will be a win-win situation for BTC owners and traders. Josh Rager said that if Bitcoin goes above $ 10,000 and stays there for a while or falls below the current $ 9,000 level, both will be beneficial for the future of cryptocurrencies.

Famous Economist: "Bitcoin Economically and Politically Insignificant"
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The uptrend would have been good for obvious reasons, according to the analyst, and a drop in price would allow traders to buy immersion and accumulate some more BTC before it expires $ 10,000 at a later date. The master analyst points out that Bitcoin could be under $ 10,000 for several months because BTC is a very liquid and volatile asset. However, if BTC manages to go above this level, the analyst says the crash scenario is unlikely.

Michael van de Poppe: losing $ 8,800 could push BTC to the middle of $ 7,000

World-renowned cryptocurrency analyst and trader Michael van de Poppe stated that Bitcoin is in range. According to the analyst, Bitcoin’s shift below the $ 8,800 – $ 8,600 area could push it to the middle of $ 7,000. In this scenario, the leading cryptocurrency can hit up to $ 6,000. The analyst believes that it would be a bullish sign for the market to exceed the $ 9,300 resistance.

Bitcoin News
Bitcoin news
Yuri Bishko: Bitcoin is currently trading in a narrow range!

In her final analysis, successful analyst and trader Yuri Bishko at TradingView suggests that Bitcoin is currently trading in a narrow range and should start showing signs of up or down shots before making realistic predictions.

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