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These 2 Altcoins Overtake Bitcoin and became the Leader of 2020: Rally 545 percent!

These 2 Altcoins Overtake Bitcoin and became the Leader of 2020: Rally 545 percent!

Two small altcoins have quadrupled their market value in the past three months and significantly exceeded Bitcoin’s (BTC) gains. These cryptocurrencies performed perfectly in the second quarter.

Best performing cryptocurrency in the past quarter: Bancor, rising 544.98 percent!

The top performing cryptocurrency in the past quarter is Bancor (BNT) after rising 544.98%, as reported by the on-chain analytics firm IntoTheBlock. Bancor is a Blockchain protocol that allows users to exchange various tokens directly without having to go through a cryptocurrency exchange. Bancor is trying to address the issue of liquidity that disturbs thousands of cryptocurrencies that offer legitimate services.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum Collapse, It Broke Record with 10 Altcoin Rise!
Altcoin news

Last month, Coinbase said it was considering adding support for Bancor, depending on whether the cryptocurrency met its technical and regulatory standards. In addition, market participants largely ignored the vulnerability news on Bancor’s decentralized exchange, whose developers are trying to transfer money from affected wallets and protect users from bad players. Bancor has resolved these issues since then.

SwissBorg altcoin is the second best performing cryptocurrency!

After rising more than 467% in the last quarter, SwissBorg (CHSB) is the second best performing cryptocurrency . CHSB encourages users of the crypto management application Swissborg by offering lower transaction fees, joining the platform’s future plans and offering rewards. Swissborg’s decentralized wealth management platform serves more than 100,000 people worldwide. IntoTheBlock said more than 18,000 addresses holding CHSB tokens were in profit as of April 1. 

Altcoin news
Altcoin news

The number of addresses gained in a few months rose more than 96% of the total addresses hiding the auxiliary code. As for Bancor, over 36% of addresses holding cryptocurrency are in profit, which is the highest in three years. The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, rose 53% from $ 6,239 to $ 9,557 in the second quarter of this year. According to the crypto intelligence company Glassnode, about 83% of BTC addresses currently appear in profit.

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