There is also Saying 5 Million Dollars! Here are Huge Bitcoin Predictions from Master Analysts

There is also Saying 5 Million Dollars! Here are Huge Bitcoin Predictions from Master Analysts

Since the next Bitcoin halving event is just over a month away, analysts are sharing giant BTC predictions. A popular analyst estimates that the price of BTC could rise to $ 100,000 in two or three years. Here are huge Bitcoin predictions from successful analysts.

Here are huge Bitcoin predictions from successful analysts

While Bitcoin continues to be traded below $ 7,000, the price suddenly pumped nine percent on April 1, and with a large green candle, BTC rose from $ 6,221 to $ 6,700. At the same time last year, Bitcoin jumped more than twenty percent, hit $ 5,000 for the first time in a few months, and then reached almost $ 14,000 in June. Now BTC’s halving activity is nearby, while some analysts make short-term forecasts, while others are looking forward two or three years. Here are the critical Bitcoin predictions…

Moiseiev_Yurii: Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000 by the end of 2022

An analyst estimates that after the halving event, it may take several years for Bitcoin to reach $ 100,000, the all-time high. Moiseiev_Yurii, an analyst and trader from TradingView, shared a long-term forecast, saying he expects Bitcoin to reach $ 100,000 by the end of 2022. The factors that the analyst justified the forecast:

  • The price went up 5 waves since 2011.
  • Now there are price transactions at $ 20,000 per BTC in ABC formation.
  • Possible end of wave C: The key level is $ 1,100 per BTC.
  • When the price completes the ABC formation, it will be moved upwards with 5 new waves.
  • In this case, the possible targets could be a number where everyone expects $ 100,000 per BTC.

TheMoonCarl: Bitcoin will be $ 5,000,000 per token!

Successful analyst and trader TheMoonCarl went further in the sense of bullish and stated that the price of Bitcoin could reach up to $ 5 million as the financial system was in a great crisis as the halving approached . If this enormous price prediction occurs, BTC could be a historical asset.

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