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The Uniswap Madness Continues! He got out of jail, thanks to Uniswap!

The Uniswap Madness Continues! He got out of jail, thanks to Uniswap!

The most talked about token of recent days, Uniswap’s management token, UNI. While the name Uniswap was mentioned with the award of 400 UNI distributed to those who made transactions on the platform before 1 September; Many people expressed their happiness at this unexpected award.

As we have stated before; many winning this award came from Turkey and was perhaps the most interesting of Kadir Has University’s New Media division win prizes with the course taken by the student cause. There are also those who won this airdrop from other parts of the world; one of them comes up with a very interesting story.

Jailed Thanks to UniSwap

As a Dutch cryptocurrency trader shared on Twitter ; One person stated that he was released from prison thanks to UniSwap’s awards.

The fortunate, who stated that the trader named ‘Daan Crypto Trades’ joined the Discord broadcast, said:

“I have no one to tell, but I have to say I got out of prison thanks to a Unicorn airdrop. I had to pay a drug-induced judicial fine by the end of the month or I would go to jail. But I got lucky and won airdrops from a total of four wallets.

Imagine you wouldn’t fall into jail with a unicorn airdrop, that’s amazing. ”

Market Value of UNI

The rapid listing of Coinbase Pro’s new Uniswap protocol management token, UNI, played a major role in raising the market value of the startup asset to around $ 322 million.

Decentralized trading platform Uniswap launched UNI on September 16 and announced that it plans to issue 1 billion tokens within four years. On the same day, Coinbase announced that the Pro platform will issue a USD-UNI order book on September 17, depending on liquidity.

Coinbase Pro says the UNI-USD order book has reached full trade.

After the listing, the market value of UNI increased from around $ 50 million to $ 322 million. According to CoinGecko, the market value of the asset hovers around $ 233.45 million at the time of writing. Its price, which starts at about $ 2.97, is $ 5.13 at the time of writing.

Uniswap plans to allocate 60% of UNI’s circulation to the protocol’s community members; 21.51% to team members and employees who are entitled to four years; 17.80% for investors with four-year investment and 0.069% for four-year eligible consultants.

Uniswap says the new management token could pave the way for grants and the growth of the ecosystem.

“A community-led treasure opens up a world of endless possibilities. We hope to see a variety of experiments that can stimulate Uniswap ecosystem growth, including ecosystem grants and public goods funding.

Uniswap set the standard for automatic liquidity provision, now it’s time to set benchmarks. ”

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