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The Executive Move From Ripple to Attention and Concern XRP!

The Executive Move From Ripple to Attention and Concern XRP!

Ripple ‘s significant steps towards the Asian market, which it considers as an alternative to the US market, shows that the plan has become much clearer. Despite this, Ripple, a US-based company, has restricted its steps towards the US markets in recent years and concentrated on the Asia Pacific region.

Ripple CEO’s Plans Uncover

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said before the securities case was filed, he emphasized that if regulations increase and become unreasonable, they can settle in Japan. If a company with a valuation of more than $ 10 billion leaves the USA, it can be considered as a loss of employment, at least for the region where it is located.


After this announcement, a lawsuit against Ripple by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made the situation even more complicated and difficult. With this news, Ripple’s market share has shrunk and the total market value of XRP has been hit by $ 15 billion. XRP was either delisted or closed for trading on all US-associated cryptocurrency exchanges.

Although XRP Price Falls, Trade Volume Continues To Hold

However, the commercial volume of XRP still managed to reach very close to its previous level and kept it. This actually shows that XRP is actively traded in many markets outside of the USA. It is a known situation that there is a lot of interest in XRP, especially in Europe.

The Ripple team has now accelerated its steps and structuring for the use of XRP in other markets. Ripple, which added one of Amazon’s top executives to its team in January 2021, made another high-level transfer to the Asia Pacific region.

Ripple’s New Goal Is Clear

Brooks Entwsitle is definitely one of the experts in his field, with over 20 years of experience and a managerial background at Uber. Entwistle officially announced its participation in Ripple and emphasized that it will be deployed in the Asia Pacific arm of the company. The famous name, who is Uber’s Southeast Asia regional manager, also revealed Ripple’s plans.

RippleNet Managing Director Asheesh Birla recently emphasized that Ripple has started negotiations with many banks in the Asian market. Now, the addition of a famous name could change a lot about Ripple’s title, as well as the direction and price of XRP .

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