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The Anticipated Altcoin Season Has Started , So What Should Investors Do?

The Anticipated Altcoin Season Has Started – So What Should Investors Do?

After the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin rose above $ 60,000, its slight decline and flat course created the expected opportunity for altcoins.The cryptocurrency market is literally green for the time being, and altcoins are leading. Recently, HOT, BTT, TRX, WIN and almost all cryptocurrencies that can be considered silent for a long time have refreshed records. There is no doubt that altcoins surpassing this stagnation of the BTC price have started the altcoin season that has been expected for years. So what awaits investors after the altcoin season?

Bitcoin Market Dominance At 1-Year Low

Bitcoin’s market dominance is of great importance in determining the altcoin season. BTC’s market dominance dropped to a 1-year low, down to 56%. The last time this happened, the calendar leaves pointed to April 2020.The sharp decline in BTC’s market dominance can be seen in the chart below. The biggest plus of this decline was the altcoin season. It is known that a similar situation resulted in the rise of altcoins in the 2017-2018 rally.

Capital Inflow To The Cryptocurrency Sector Increased

In fact, another development that pointed to the beginning of the altcoin season was the money flow. In the general market cycle, money enters the bear market first, but nobody buys BTC. When the BTC price starts to rise parabolic, everyone switches to BTC and the value of altcoins dips against BTC.

In the meantime, altcoin purchases are made at lower levels than ALT / BTC parity. In the third phase, the price of BTC stops and consolidation begins. This starts the altcoin rally, causing investors to sell altcoins and buy BTC at the end of the altcoin season. In the fourth phase, the number of investors entering the market decreases and the bear market gradually begins. At this stage, investors sell their BTC at the rate of profit they want to buy and continue their way with only a certain BTC.

What to do in the Altcoin Season?

Crypto money investors can take a logical step towards the end of the altcoin season, at least by removing the main money they have put into the sector. Although it is difficult to predict when the altcoin season will end, determining the target that is sufficient for you, not the moment the industry will fall, may be the determining factor.

Especially withdrawing the main money in crypto currencies with an increase of 100% and above, just in case, can save investors from great losses and gains.

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Samuel Hegi , who first became acquainted with blockchain technology in 2014, is highly critical of blockchain technology. Samuel Hegi, a journalism graduate from the University of Brighton he is the editor-in-chief of the news portal. Blockchain is love.

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