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Surprising Altcoin Prediction from Analyst Named with Bitcoin Predictions


Surprising Altcoin Prediction from Analyst Named with Bitcoin Predictions.

Max Keizer made an important statement about altcoins. According to Max Keizer, altcoins are designed only to buy Bitcoin.

Max Keizer: Altcoins are only designed to buy Bitcoin

According to data provided by Cryptowatch, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum -based credit platform, Compound (COMP), collapsed by about 40 percent for 24 hours. Commenting on this decline, RT server and effective crypto advocate Max Keizer stated that the only purpose of altcoins is to get Bitcoin from FOMO-driven investors. 

The Ultra-Bull Indicator, Predicting the Rally 2017 in Bitcoin, Was Revisited!
Bitcoin Analysis

Compound (COMP) made a 150 percent rally with the Coinbase Pro listing on June 18, and Compound traders have been very excited with this bullish move for the past few days. Coinbase’s decision to add COMP to its platform for professional investors is highly controversial, as the company is an early investor in Compound, which has a portion of the 10 million supply of the token.

Master analyst: Altcoin’s only purpose is to buy Bitcoin from FOMO-driven investors

All good developments are finally over and the COMP token witnessed a delayed fix. The cryptocurrency changes hands from lows after touching the all-time high of $ 380 recorded on June 21. The Compound (COMP) crashed about 40 percent for 24 hours, so Max Keiser addressed this issue. However, since Max Keizer is a Bitcoin maximalist, some traders may not consider their advice about altcoin .

Bitcoin Analysis
Bitcoin Analysis

However, even Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has been bothered by the new wave of enthusiasm surrounding DeFi projects. As previously reported by cryptocoin, Vitalik Buterin warned investors that attractive high-yield and flashy DeFi projects can pose ‘systemic risks’.


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