Successful Analyst: Bitcoin Can See These Levels Until July!

Successful Analyst: Bitcoin Can See These Levels Until July!

Bitcoin is recovering after a substantial sale, which lowered its price by 6.33 percent. So what levels can be seen in the coming months?

  • Bitcoin fell sharply on Friday and reversed a minority of losses during yesterday’s sales.
  • The cryptocurrency has withdrawn from a persuasive support trendline.
  • Now BTC looks trading within a technical model that has a 70 percent success rate in sending prices to higher levels.

Yashu Gola: Bitcoin creates a Rising Triangle model

Bitcoin is recovering after a substantial sale, which lowered its price by 6.33 percent. The leading cryptocurrency rose to $ 9,449, an increase of 1.96 percent as investors bought the intraday fall. According to popular analyst Yashu Gola, the retreat movement appeared near a rising trendline in the short term: This upward slope prevented Bitcoin’s downward trend from turning into larger collapse actions over and over again.

BTC / USD rises after testing short term technical support | Source:, Coinbase

Earlier this week, Bitcoin price was trying to rise above the horizontal trend line (red) in the chart above. This price cap is close to around $ 20,000. Looking at both the ascending and the horizontal trend line together reveals the Ascending Triangle, according to the analyst. Technically, according to the analyst, the uptrend of a model asset is formed during the continuation of the trend. It is usually a bullish indicator and the success rate in sending the asset’s price to higher levels is 70 percent.

Analyst: Bitcoin will rise to $ 11,800 by July 2020

The latest withdrawal of Bitcoin from $ 10,000 lowered the price right next to the Rising Triangle support. Investors convincingly confirmed the trendline as places of accumulation as the price rose. According to the price action Yashu Gola, overall horizontal resistance of Bitcoin has increased the possibility of retesting at $ 10,000. At least the Rising Triangle shows this. The price fluctuates between its ranges, as long as it does not approach or hit the top of the pattern where the trend lines meet. According to the analyst in the previous 7 cases, BTC rose above the resistance level.

Rising Trend Breakout Example | Source:

According to Yashu Gola, Bitcoin’s current actions follow the definition of the Ascending Triangle. Meanwhile, as the price generally increases, its daily volume decreases, indicating a potential break as the cryptocurrency approaches the top of the triangle, according to the analyst. Under ideal conditions, according to the analyst, Bitcoin should be broken up to the maximum height of the triangle. That’s about 1,800 dollars. According to Yashu Gola, it means that Bitcoin can go up to $ 11,800 by July 2020 if it remains true to the rising Triangle technical explanation.

BTC / USD bullish targets | Source:, Coinbase

“The impact of Wall Street on Bitcoin may disrupt the Rising Triangle narrative!”

Meanwhile, according to the analyst, the pattern may also fall below the Triangle support. The price of such a collapse will fall no more than $ 1,800. This puts Bitcoin’s negative target down somewhere between $ 7,352 and $ 8,185, according to Yashu Gola. According to the analyst, Bitcoin’s short-term price movements reflect the movements of US stocks. Bitcoin, Dow Jones, Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 saw similar declines on Thursday.

The relationship between Bitcoin and S&P 500 | Source:, Coinbase

Bitcoin has risen and dropped in tandem with exchanges, like a true correlated asset. According to the analyst, Wall Street’s impact on Bitcoin may disrupt the Rising Triangle narrative. However, according to the analyst, the correlation may be broken if the market decides to enter Bitcoin against the stock market. Some investors have recently followed a similar strategy, including pension funds manager Paul Tudor Jones.

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