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Solana Reaches All-Time High: SOL Sets Records

Solana registered ATH, touching $217.

Solana Reaches All-Time High: SOL Sets Records

Popular cryptocurrency Solana hit an all-time high at $218. SOL climbed to the top positions in the market with its recorded ATH. Leading Bitcoin , starting the week with a rise, turned the crypto money market green. While Solana has managed to develop a record as of today, many altcoins have come to the fore.

Record from Solana

Solana, one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies of recent days, recorded ATH, which rose by more than 15% during the day. Touching $218, SOL continues its attempts to develop new ATHs in these regions as of the writing of this article. After this upward movement, Solana climbed to the sixth place in the CMC top 10 with a market value of $ 65 billion.

Solana [SOL]
While the trading volume in the last 24 hours has increased by close to 100%, there are moving minutes. Already a hot topic, Solana crowned her bullish look with this ATH.

Why Is Solana Rising?

Solana was trading at $1.69 as of January 2021. This incredible rally could have been seen before with ecosystem enhancements and proper planning.

The Solana network continues to raise funds for improvements and updates. Solana, which includes many projects, accelerated the increase trend with the explosion of the NFT and DeFi sector.

SOL, which has made an assertive entry into the NFT sector with its Solana Art marketplace, is trying to come to the fore in this field. The NFT field is receiving incredible attention in the current period. In this case, Solana is working to consolidate her popularity by following the latest.

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