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Ripple (XRP) Sharing by American Hip Hop Artist Soulja Boy

Ripple (XRP) Sharing by American Hip Hop Artist Soulja Boy.

US rapper Soulja Boy took the wind on Twitter after failing to buy XRP through the Coinbase app. Singer DeAndre Cortez Way, known as Soulja Boy, shared a screenshot of his Coinbase account saying “How can I buy XRP?” shared. This sharing of Soulja Boy has also attracted great attention from the cryptocurrency community.

Soulja Boy, who entered the crypto money market a very short time ago , had shared about Dogecoin before. He shared the “people’s currency” and “the future cryptocurrency” for the famous rapper Dogecoin .

On the other hand , Soulja Boy, who announced that he has invested in BNB, DGB, TRX, KLV, ZPAE and FDO on his Twitter account on January 22 , asked his followers to offer him more crypto money.

“Trading transactions for this asset are not supported,” said Soulja Boy while trying to buy XRP from Coinbase in his Twitter post on Jan. 23 . It seems that he received an error message. The problem faced by Soulja Boy is that Coinbase has stopped trading XRP for its users in the US.

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  1. Cryptocurency is really penetrating into every corners of the earth. They can ignore but can’t ignore for long. Very soon everyone will jump into the train

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