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Ripple accuses Youtube of helping scammers

Ripple accuses Youtube of helping scammers

Ripple filed a lawsuit against the video-sharing platform Youtube for failing to stop XRP scammers who were making millions of dollars in profits in April. The cryptocurrency company claims that while Youtube can block fraudsters on its platform, it deliberately earns money through them.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said in a statement on the subject that XRP scammers are causing irreversible damage to the company’s reputation.

Despite all this, Youtube filed a request in July for the dismissal of Ripple’s lawsuit. The video streaming platform demands the dismissal of the case on the grounds that the fraudsters advertise on their website with fake plans and Youtube is not responsible for third-party content. Youtube also says they warn against scammers and that users who do not heed the warnings are their own will.

No Delay From Ripple To Response

Ripple has harshly criticized Youtube’s alleged lack of information about the ongoing XRP scam on Youtube.

The leading corporate blockchain firm specifically challenged Youtube’s claim that it was not aware of the XRP scams that are widespread on its platform, in a statement in court on September 8. In this context, the plaintiff’s lawyers stated that they had made more than 350 takedown requests to Youtube, but that the video-sharing platform did not remove these videos, despite all requests.

Ripple also stated that Youtube has generated a significant amount of revenue from malicious scam videos and even gave a verification badge to one of the deceptive channels impersonating Brad Garlinghouse.

Ripple asks the court to dismiss the witness’s request to dismiss the case because otherwise it claims that YouTube will continue to abuse its role, there will be more victims and greater damages.

Number of Lawsuits Filed with YouTube Increases

Youtube has blocked access to many educational videos from the cryptocurrency world and the channels to which these videos are linked. However, when it comes to cryptocurrency fraudsters, he does not show the sensitivity that he has shown in training or analysis videos. Also, this is not a first for Youtube. In July, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, filed a lawsuit against Youtube for promoting fake Bitcoin (BTC) gift scams and became the 17th person to sue the video sharing platform for the same reasons.

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