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Record Speed ​​in the Curiously Anticipated Network of Popular Altcoin IOTA!

Record Speed ​​in the Curiously Anticipated Network of Popular Altcoin IOTA!

In the tweet, which was posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, IOTA noted that the Pollen test network recorded more than 280,000 transactions exchanged among node operators. 20 thousand of 280 thousand transactions were value transfer transactions.

Also, it took 10-12 seconds for messages or IOTA tokens to reach the recipient. Compared to the performance in the current main network, IOTA stated that the new approval period performed 20 times better.The Pollen test network, released in June 2020, is part of IOTA’s three-way statement for IOTA 2.0. Other parts are Nectar and Honey. Three expressions of IOTA 2.0 are aimed at making IOTA a completely decentralized, scalable network.Pollen is expected to present the first perspective on IOTA’s transition to a weaker network architecture. According to Tuesday’s test network status update, the memory requirement to run a Pollen node is currently at 340MB and CPU usage is only 3.5 percent.

Reception of IOTA Witnesses Increased

In addition to trying to create a truly decentralized ecosystem, IOTA is also involved in a number of developments and partnerships. IOTA and the University of Oslo IT Department (UiO) have partnered to investigate GDPR compatibility for IOTA technologies as well as Tangle.

Also, IOTA’s network speed has seen a significant increase after the release of the latest version of Hornet node software, Hornet v0.4.0. IOTA co-founder David Sonstebo previously stated that the blockchain non-profit company plans to develop a solid machine economy for the human benefit.

IOTA continues to witness the increasing adoption among various industries and organizations. In May 2020, German company Pickett used IOTA’s Tangle technology for zero defects in intelligent manufacturing. Another company, Zebra Technologies, also integrated Tangle to provide better traceability in the supply chain. Earlier in the year, the IOTA Foundation partnered with 16 other companies to form the Tangle Energy Efficiency Working Group. The formation of the group will help speed up the adoption of IOTA .

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