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Ready To Stake ETH2.0 With Binereum ?

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What is Binereum ?

Binereum platform gives you simple and reliable staking. You can choose the best package that suits you by browsing Binereum app platform. Please use the official website and official social networks to learn more about Binereum platform and BIETH token.

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Supported Tokens

Binereum ( BIETH)
Ethereum 2.0
Uniswap (UNI)
SushiSwap (SUSHI) (YFI)

  • Binereum platform currently offers the opportunity to stake with 5 tokens. New tokens continue to be added to the Binereum platform in line with ongoing requests from the community.

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Why Binereum ?

Thanks to Binereum, anyone will be able to stake on eth2.0. eth2.0 staking is a demanding process that requires a large amount of capital. But thanks to Binereum, you will be able to stake eth2.0 with the capital you want.

ETH2.0 Stake

Eth2.0 staking started in the past weeks. However, in order to participate in staking, you must have at least 32 Eth and have your eths locked for 2 years. However, Binereum allows users to stake eth 2.0 with the amount they want thanks to the common pool logic.

What is Eth2.0 ?

Eth2 refers to a set of interconnected upgrades that will make Ethereum more scalable, more secure, and more sustainable. These upgrades are being built by multiple teams from across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Follow our Twitter , Discord and Telegram for instant breaking cryptocurrency news.

  1. Eva says

    I know this project. They really offer good support for ethereum 2.0 upgrade. They also give a good roi in bieth staking packages, which have their own tokens. I’ve signed up there now and I’ll be following up on developments.

  2. Jennie says

    Hi, it’s a good feeling to see a platform I use here . Ethereum 2.0 + BIETH staking is my favorite.

  3. Kevin Teruit says

    I examined the project in detail. It is a very logical and beautiful project. I will invest. Managers are very concerned. They respond instantly when something gets stuck in your head.

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