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Popular Social Media Platform Is Moving Fast In The Crypto Space! Added Support for Ethereum

Another move from the social media giant to cryptocurrencies has taken place.

Popular Social Media Platform Is Moving Fast In The Crypto Space! Added Support for Ethereum

With the widespread use of cryptocurrencies today, many large companies, organizations or brands want to enter this field quickly and adopt cryptocurrencies. So much so that the popular social media application Twitter had started the tipping period with the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin a while ago .

As of yesterday, Twitter added support for a new cryptocurrency to the platform. Here are the details;

Twitter Adds Support For Ethereum

Twitter , one of the world’s largest social media platforms , allowed its users to post tips with Bitcoin, with a feature it released in late September.

Social media giant Twitter first introduced the “tip” feature, which allows users to monetize their followers, in early May.

With September, it allowed users to tip with Bitcoin BTC ). However, as of today, the giant company has included a new cryptocurrency in this feature.


Users can now also send tips using Ethereum ( ETH ), the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap .

Twitter Takes Steps in the NFT Area

In late January, users of Twitter Blue , the premium service of the popular social media platform Twitter , were allowed to display their valuable non-replaceable tokens ( NFT ) as profile pictures.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey , known as one of the most influential Bitcoin advocates, was openly opposed to supporting Ethereum and frequently quarreled with his community.

Famous billionaire Jack Dorsey took the reins in late November to former CTO Parag Agrawal, who seemed more open-minded about alternative cryptocurrencies than his predecessor.

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