Popular Analyst Speaks About Recent Bitcoin (BTC) Drop

Popular Analyst Speaks About Recent Bitcoin (BTC) Drop

One of the leading names in the cryptocurrency world, analyst and phenomenon Michael van de Poppe spoke about the recent Bitcoin (BTC) drop. Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin fell 5% after the $ 60,000 trial failed today. Bitcoin, which declined to $ 56,000, then recovered somewhat and managed to retrace the $ 57,000 level. Along with Bitcoin, there were also notable declines in many leading altcoins. 

The leading analyst spoke about the panic in the market with this decline. The analyst, who said that some people were afraid of the declines, reminded once again that the corrections were healthy and organic. Van de Poppe tweeted that:

“ I see some people afraid of this #Bitcoin and # altcoin drop.

Yes, altcoins are falling more than $ BTC due to correlations.

And dips are great for saving.

Corrections are healthy and organic movements.

Stop focusing on the graphics and relax.

We are still in the bull. “


The leading analyst has long made a number of remarks about the corrective nature of March. The analyst also adds that March was a ‘weak’ month for the cryptocurrency markets . Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $ 57,467 as of the time of publication. 

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