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Popular Analyst Dates For Big Altcoin Season And Next Rally Of Bitcoin (BTC)

Popular Analyst Dates For Big Altcoin Season And Next Rally Of Bitcoin (BTC).

Ahead of the coming crypto currency analyst Michael van de Poppe, crypto currency of the season Altcom highly expected by the community and Bitcoin (BTC) gave a date for the rally.


Michael van de Poppe

The analyst shared his 110,000 followers with a possible roadmap for the cryptocurrency market, in a tweet he posted today. Saying that February and early March will be corrected, the analyst predicts that a major altcoin season will come in March and August.

Michael van de Poppe Analysis

It marks the end of the year for the Bitcoin (BTC) rally, which is constantly voiced by the famous names of the crypto money world and is said to see great price movements. The analyst said in his previous statements that he thinks this cycle will last several years and that by the end of the cycle the leading cryptocurrency could reach $ 275,000 to $ 350,000.

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