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Popular Altcoin Rises 60 Percent But Far Behind Its ATH

Popular Altcoin Rises 60 Percent But Far Behind Its ATH

XRP today experienced an extraordinary price boom of 32.5% that allowed the cryptocurrency to hit 17-month highs not seen since June 2019. XRP is up almost 60% for the week, but is still 90% lower than its ATH.

XRP Hits Highest Level in Last 17 Months

Key Support Levels: $ 0.4, $ 0.388, $ 0.378.

Key Resistance Levels: $ 0.42, $ 0.44, $ 0.457.

Today XRP is up 32.5% with a strong increase. The cryptocurrency started the day at $ 0.33 and climbed to $ 0.41 as the cryptocurrency began to climb higher to rise to $ 0.44.

The cryptocurrency was showing signs of its readiness to launch a bull run throughout the month. However, no one predicted that such a price boom would come.When the coin started to rise at the beginning of the month, it was broken through a symmetrical triangle pattern. XRP continued to reach $ 0.3 until mid-week, and stopped here for a few days until it broke the resistance yesterday and reached $ 0.33.

Ripple Price Charts

XRP Price Analysis

Looking ahead, if buyers can continue this epic bullish move, the first two resistance levels are at $ 0.42 and $ 0.44. Above this, resistance lies at $ 0.457, $ 0.48, $ 0.486 and $ 0.5.On the other hand, if sellers pull the price lower, the initial support level is $ 0.4. Below that, support is located at $ 0.388, $ 0.378, $ 0.36 and $ 0.35.As expected, both the RSI and the Stochastic RSI were extremely overbought with such a strong move in one day.

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