PlanB and Anthony Pompliano Announced 2022 Bitcoin (BTC) Predictions!

How many dollars can Bitcoin (BTC) reach this year? Check out the opinions of the two most popular analysts.

PlanB and Anthony Pompliano Announced 2022 Bitcoin (BTC) Predictions!

Bitcoin made both dizzying price moves in 2021. At the same time, the news feed was basically intense. Elon Musk, China, the SEC, and more have consistently occupied our agenda. There must have been at least a few events each month that would spread fear into the market. So what will 2022 be like? Popular analyst Anthony Pompliano shared his future predictions with his followers.

2022 Bitcoin (BTC) Predictions

Pompliano noted how the adoption of Bitcoin occurred in reverse “cohorts,” starting with individuals online and then spreading to a nation-state, El Salvador, through financial institutions and traditional companies . The investment analyst also noted that Wall Street giants are being forced to consider their Bitcoin strategies even if they don’t want to be involved in the trend.

However, the price of Bitcoin is a completely different world, Pompliano said:

“One of the things I watch, though, is that each month’s timeframe may be off. In fact, we may be seeing longer bull markets now, rather than the 18-month bull markets we saw before.”

In the past, Pompliano, Plan B, and a host of other analysts have said that Bitcoin will bid farewell to 2021 from a base price of $100,000. We entered the year 2022 and unfortunately nothing like this happened. Pompliano persistently argues that a price that will exceed $100,000 will be seen. He also leaves the general view and thinks that interest rate hikes by the FED and other central banks may push the Bitcoin price up in the medium term. By the end of the year, the Fed expects to make several rate hikes.

PlanB Bitcoin (BTC) Price Target

On the last day of the year, PlanB was celebrating the success of Bitcoin . In his latest statements, he argued that S2F modeling continues to work on Bitcoin . He shared a graphic covering about 10 years and addressed his followers as follows.

“I use models to protect myself from emotions. Right now, most people, myself included, are afraid of the BTC price falling further and want to sell. However, the S2F pattern shows that BTC is at the bottom of the 50,000-200,000 band, which is a buy signal. You can sell for profit when the price is $200,000”.

Will PlanB meet its $100,000 target this year? Time will tell, but S2F doesn’t have the luxury of being wrong this year. The price must enter the 50,000 dollar channel and stay there in a few weeks.

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