New ATH from Experts’ Favorite Altcoin: 730% Exceeded!

Glassnode shared critical data about the popular altcoin Chainlink (LINK). Glassnode announced that LINK's number of stock market deposits increased by 740 percent in the last 24 hours.

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New ATH from Experts’ Favorite Altcoin: 730% Exceeded!

According to research firm Glassnode, 13-line cryptocurrency Chainlink has reached several new summits and all-time highs, both over the past twenty-four hours and longer. However, although the basics of cryptocurrency have improved, the LINK price is currently experiencing another downtrend. Analysis firm Glassnode shared new data on LINK transfers and sudden increases in stock market deposits.


The number of stock exchange deposits (2d MA) has increased by 738.3 percent in the past twenty four hours. The same indicator 1d MA saw a new ATH since September 25 last year. Deposit inflows (1d MA) also rose to the highest level in 3 months and the index reached the highest level in 1 year with the value received in mid-March 2020. LINK inflows to exchanges have increased by 177.6 percent in the past twenty-four hours, and now a total of 92,999,386 LINK compared to the previous 33,496,270 LINK.

Here is critical data on the popular altcoin Chainlink (LINK)

The number of active addresses and the average trading volume are on the list of increasing indices. Looking at the growth of these fundamental principles, investors’ interest in LINK is growing, and experts say that LINK is now one of the most promising altcoins. As previously reported as cryptocoin, the Blockchain platform Chainlink has signed two major partnerships in China and South Korea.

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China’s Blockchain Service Network (BSN) will integrate the oracle network provided by Chainlink. As for South Korea, another major market for blockchain solutions, Chainlink signed a partnership with the FLETA Blockchain network, supported by Korean authorities. In the official statement, Chainlink said that its oracle will be integrated into dapps to store medical data on on-chain.

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