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New Altcoin to Be Listed on Binance Has Been Announced

New Altcoin to Be Listed on Binance Has Been Announced.

 Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the new altcoin it will list on its website today. In Binance, which bases this listing election on the votes of the users; As a result of the 8th voting round, it was stated that the users chose Chromia (CHR). Chromia (CHR) received 92,257 votes, while its opponent SwftCoin (SWFTC) received 24,457 votes.

Transactions for CHR / BNB, CHR / BTC and CHR / USDT trading pairs will be available as of 17:00 on 20/05/07. Users can start depositing CHR to prepare for trading.

All users who voted for CHR will receive an airdrop of 146.3303598 CHR in their Binance accounts for each vote they cast. For example, those who voted 10 for CHR for CHR will receive CHR 1.463.303598.

However, 0.1267530768 BNB airdrop will be made to the users who choose SWFTC in the voting.

Chromia (CHR)

Chromia traded at $ 0.027386 at the time of writing; Bithumb is listed on KuCoin, Bilaxy, BitMax, Bithumb Global and Hotbit. Altcoin has lost 5.06% in the last 24 hours. 315,408,610,742 of Chromia’s current supply of 417,495,002 is in circulation.

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