Mysterious Bitcoin Whale Mobilizes $ 1.3 Billion BTC!

Mysterious Bitcoin Whale Mobilizes $ 1.3 Billion BTC!

 While Bitcoin was trying to hold above $ 9,800, a whale decided it was time to move more than $ 1 billion of BTC .According to blockchain data, an unknown Bitcoin (BTC) trader performed three transactions with just one minute interval on June 11 and carried 132,255 BTC (roughly $ 1.3 billion).The trades took place when the price of BTC was just below the $ 10,000 key resistance level. At the time of writing, the value of BTC is $ 9,796.This led to speculation that the source of the large volume was an exchange or custody service. According to a Reddit user, Coinbase Custody was responsible for this .

Still not the highest Bitcoin transaction

The highest one-time Bitcoin transaction took place in April, when cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex carried 161,500 BTC ($ 1.1 billion).However, neither Bitfinex nor the process of this whale shows the largest amount carried. This honor belongs to 500,000 BTC transactions in November 2011. This amount, which was worth 1.32 million dollars at that time; it is equivalent to approximately 4.9 billion dollars today.

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