Metaloni (MTLN) Whitelist applications have started l Metaverse l Sea Wars

Join this endless war that started on the Sea with Metaloni.

Metaloni (MTLN) Whitelist applications have started l Metaverse l Sea Wars

Join this endless war that started on the Sea with Metaloni. Thanks to the MTLN Token, you will be able to play games that will be created on the Metaloni platform and will be eligible to purchase NFT characters belonging to the games.

✔️ Whitelist applications have been opened

Metaloni Whitelist

First of all, let’s explain what is a Whitelist?

Whitelist is the place where people interested in an ICO sign up to show their interest in the relevant ICO. Often, only people who have signed up to a Whitelist will be allocated any tokens in the initial token distribution.

What are the advantages of Metaloni Whitelist?

Whitelist holders will have the right to purchase the MTLN token on the pre-sale before the public sale. In case the MTLN token is sold out during the public sale, you will have the right to buy it more easily in the Presale.

Public sale price: $ 0.1
(Whitelist) Pre-sale Price: $0.075

Metaloni Whitelist applications have started. You can apply through our website.


Your application will be evaluated according to the answers you give during the application. So take care to choose your answers carefully. Your advertising contributions to the Metaloni project will help you win a whitelist.

Those whose applications are accepted will be notified by e-mail.

Docs :
Audit :
Smart Contract :

What are the advantages of Whitelist?

Projects usually conduct a sale through Whitelist before conducting a public sale. Since the token price sold through Whitelist is lower than the public sale price, you can follow and join the whitelists of the projects you want to support.

Large investors contribute to projects that are usually sold through Whitelist. For example, as we recently reported, Gamespad (GMPD), which went on sale on the Huobi exchange, sold out in minutes. We can give many more examples like this. In fact, 2022 promises to be a fruitful year for the Metaverse and the NFT ecosystem.


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