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Max Keiser: Oracle Could Be Next Company To Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Max Keiser: Oracle Could Be Next Company To Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Tesla’s acquisition of Bitcoin (BTC) allowed other companies to enter cryptocurrencies. Max Keiser’s sources said that Oracle is also planning to buy BTC.Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion purchase of Bitcoin said the next firm may be in line to buy Bitcoin. According to Max Keiser, the world-renowned database software company Oracle is the technology giant to buy BTC after Tesla.

Will Oracle Come After Tesla?

Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion Bitcoin purchase made headlines in the news. But the $ 1 billion Bitcoin purchase made by MicroStrategy in the summer of 2020 has already started to attract the attention of corporate companies.

Bitcoin had entered the portfolios of many corporate firms. But Tesla’s entry could change the game to attract more attention. According to speculation, even Apple can buy Bitcoin. Popular presenter Max Keiser points to another company.

Max Keiser, founder of Keiser Report, announced that Oracle will be making a large-scale Bitcoin purchase.

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Keizer: Ford Will Enter At Higher Price

Keizer explained that although he does not share his source, it will be difficult for large companies to enter cryptocurrencies.

Keiser also said it is normal for MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and Musk to enter because their backgrounds are in the field of engineering. He also stated in his statements that companies like Ford will enter at a higher price.

“Bitcoin was in the extreme between cypherpunk and corporate firms. By the time Ford adds Bitcoin to its balance sheet, its value will have increased 40 times. “

What do you think about Bitcoin and institutional investments?

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