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Market Experts: These Developments Will Launch Ethereum to Unprecedented Levels in 2020!

Market Experts: These Developments Will Launch Ethereum to Unprecedented Levels in 2020!

 From June 2019 to January this year, Ethereum saw its price drop about 50% against Bitcoin. Analysts have different views about the reason for Ethereum’s fall, while the main projects in the blockchain network are ineffective, and the price drop is partly due to this. Also, with the recent break of Bitcoin 7 thousand dollars, it has made a serious acceleration in ETH. For this reason, the number of those who stated that 2020 is the year of Ethereum has increased. Here are the developments that will enable Ethereum to make new summits this year , according to the famous expert Lydia Yeboah Frempong .

“In 2020, Ethereum will be the best performing cryptocurrency”

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market value, was badly affected by the correction in the crypto market in the second half of 2019. On most exchanges, ETH / BTC pairs decreased over the months. But according to the famous expert Lydia Yeboah Frempong, Ethereum’s rise has not yet been seen in the crypto market, and this is approaching day by day. Crypto traders also suggest that Ethereum will be the best performing crypto in 2020 .

Meteoric Forecast: Approaching Ethereum Pump!  These levels are on the horizon

Ethereum price increased by almost 98% in the first quarter of 2020, when it reached a peak of $ 280 in February this year. According to the expert, cryptocurrency made a first demonstration of the magnificent performance it will display in 2020. According to Lydia Yeboah Frempong, there are many improvements that show that Ethereum will mark 2020.

Here are the developments that will cause Ethereum to explode this year

According to the famous expert, one thing that makes Ethereum valuable is the growing number of DeFi projects that have a positive impact on user activity on the Ethereum network. According to this Lydia Yeboah Frempong, crypto will continue to strengthen the basics of money and can rapidly expand the ETH ecosystem this year. Ethereum also made several advances in its network in the last quarter of 2019. According to the expert, these new developments were achieved with an important software upgrade (hard fork) called Istanbul. 

Incredible Claim: It Will Be The Best By Overtaking Altcoin, Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum!

Ethereum added a second scaling solution to its network with hard fork and allowed a TPS of about 3,000 transactions per second. According to the famous expert, the best part of this development is making plans to further develop the scaling solution. Ethereum, along with most cryptocurrencies in the market, has managed to keep every critical resistance level fed by the downtrend due to fear of instability in the crypto market. However, market experts claim that Ethereum can do something extraordinary this year.

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