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Last Minute: Bitcoin and Altcoin Move to Mark From Binance to 2020!

Last Minute: Bitcoin and Altcoin Move to Mark From Binance to 2020!

Leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Binance decorated headlines with an important statement. The stock exchange plans to set up its own mining pool, so stock market users can join Binance’s mining pool to be able to mine Bitcoin and altcoin.

Resmi Twitter'da görüntüle

Giant Bitcoin exchange Binance will build its own mining pool!

Binance, one of the leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges with its trading volume, has made a critical announcement today. The stock market confronts its users with a great deal of development and plans to establish its own mining pool. Recently, various social media platforms in China have been talking about Binance’s establishment of a crypto coin pool. It was also mentioned during a recent live broadcast that the name of the stock exchange’s mining pool could be “Binance Mining Pool”.

Resmi Twitter'da görüntüle

While these giant claims were shaking in the market, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao clarified the issue and made a statement from the official social media account. Changpeng Zhao confirmed the stock market’s idea of ​​building a mining pool. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stated that the exchange will open a crypto coin pool in the future. Changpeng Zhao stressed that this announcement was not a joke on April 1, although the announcement of these announcements on April 1 brought to mind that this announcement might be a joke.

Binance’s buying spree continues unabated!

Binance has launched a buying spree in recent years. Recently, the giant Bitcoin exchange Binance also said that the negotiations to buy CoinMarketCap are coming to the final stages. Bitcoin exchange bought at least nine companies last year, but only a few of them were made public.

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Binance’s companies include: wallet provider Trust Wallet, blockchain data provider DappReview, Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX, and the little-known Seychelles-based derivative platform JEX. For other critical news.

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