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Lark Davis: Expects Huge Increase In These 5 Low Price Coins On Binance

Popular Analyst Expects Huge Increase In These 5 Low Price Coins On Binance

Crypto investor Lark Davis says he is currently watching five low-cost altcoins on Binance, and he believes two of them will reach very good places.

Polygon and Injective Protocol

Polygon, the first altcoin on the list, has a high market cap at $ 1.8 billion, according to the analyst. The analyst states that Polygon (MATIC), which he believes is currently a cryptocurrency with significant potential, with its low price despite its high market cap, is currently not understood by the entire market.Davis says Polygon has a larger ecosystem than many other blockchains with a larger market share, and cites several upcoming integrations as reasons why Polygon thinks its value will increase.

In addition, Davis refers to the Injective Protocol (INJ) project as a “beast”. Still in the test network stage, Injective offers zero-transaction paid transactions thanks to Layer Two technology.Injective also offers derivative trading services, including futures contracts. When Injective’s mainnet is launched, Davis expects INJ to reach a market value of $ 1 billion.

Injectıve protocol
Injectıve protocol

Marlin, Kava and Open Ocean

Davis states that in addition to these two cryptocurrencies, Marlin (POND) is also expecting a rise. According to the analyst, the high-performance layer zero blockchain network is geared towards providing high-quality infrastructure for decentralized finance (DeFi).

Number four on the analyst’s list comes across as Kava , an underestimated yet powerful DeFi protocol, according to Davis .

Kava (KAVA) allows investors to lend, borrow, earn and trade on their platform for low fees. It also brings a new product line to the market.

Davis, who has long been expecting a rise in Kava, believes it will be a $ 1 billion market capitalization crypto asset.

Finally, the analyst touches on Open Ocean (OOE). The project, which is still in the token sale phase, is among the tokens followed by Davis. Because Binance is a leading investor in the project.

Stating that Binance almost always lists the coins of which it is an investor, Davis states that OOE will reach high places in the future for this reason .

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