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KNOTVERSE Coming After Rock’n’Verse! Agreed with Metaverse Coin!

Metaverse will offer us great opportunities in every aspect of our lives. Only one of them is music.

KNOTVERSE Coming After Rock’n’Verse! Agreed with Metaverse Coin!

We have been talking for days about Rock’n’Verse, Turkey’s and the world’s first NFT project with a rock music concept. Now KNOTVERSE is coming and they have already signed with the popular metaverse altcoin. So what awaits us in the future, what do these projects want to offer us? We discuss the latest developments with all the details.

Agreed with Metaverse Coin

The Sandbox ( SAND ) partnered with acclaimed metal band Slipknot and music festival Knotfest to form KNOTVERSE. Trying to create a fully immersive space to host Web3 experiences, Sandbox will make it a reality with the goal of KNOTVERSE.

KNOTVERSE will host a host of Web3 experiences such as unique NFTs, generative collections, metaverse concerts , gaming, fan and festival experiences, and unique collaborations. Known as KNOTVERSE LANDS in The Sandbox’s virtual world , Slipknot’s private space will take over Knotfest’s “dark carnival” theme and integrate 20 years of Slipknot themes and images.

Snoop Dogg, Adidas, and The Walking Dead are among the artists and brands that have already partnered with The Sandbox.

Sébastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said:

“ We are extremely pleased to have created a slot in The Sandbox open metaverse for Slipknot and Knotfest . They will be our first heavy music group and we are proud to host them”.

Rock’n’Verse and KNOTVERSE

Somewhere in the world, someone can listen to that music even if they don’t understand the words. Music is universal and will continue to be in our lives in the future. However, they will do so by adapting to the changing digital world with Web3. Remembering the past allows you to realize that while dreaming about the future, they are not impossible.

In the pre-television era, we used to listen to the songs on the radio, and after the television came, we started to see the singer. When the internet became widespread, we were able to access any song we wanted whenever we wanted. Then Web2 platforms such as Facebook and Instagram were born. We found ourselves following the concert on Instagram live.

Then, the leap year is 2022, and flying cars are gone for now. 40-50 years ago, those who dreamed of 2022 were waiting for flying cars. So what do we expect when we dream of 2052s? Will Instagram and other social media platforms survive? They certainly won’t do it in this state. Facebook is already stepping up its efforts to complete its Web3 transformation. Even the name of the company has changed to Meta , now the digital experience goes further.

Rock’n’Verse is aware of the future and wants to be the meeting place of rock music-themed bands, artists, music lovers and fan groups in this world. Projects like Rock’n’Verse and KNOTVERSE will show us more clearly what the future holds for us.

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