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Jaguarswap Yield Farming and automated Market Maker (AMM) BSC Project Review

Jaguarswap Yield Farming and automated Market Maker (AMM) BSC Project Review

Jaguarswap is a DeFi project designed as a 3 generation deflationary yield farming and automated market maker (AMM) by an experienced team in the Binance Smart Chain network.

Considering that traditional yield farming platforms face inflation problems based on the features that stand out jaguarswap from other competitors (Goose Finance), many unique and innovative features stand out on the jaguarswap platform.

Features that make the jaguarswap stand out from its other competitors.

Emission Reduction
Hybrid Combustion Mechanism
Repurchase and incineration
Transfer tax and incineration
On-chain routing program
Migrator Code Removed

The Jaguarswap platform did not plan to develop tiered farms after launch, as did other deflationary yield farming platforms. Because he doesn’t think it makes much sense to continue issuing new tokens with layered farming.

What Is Yield Farming ?

Yield Farming system can be briefly explained as the preferred method for investors to increase their assets. Along with the model, which is one of the gain Gates in the digital space, it is possible to lend funds to other people. Cryptocurrency gains are provided against the service provided. Although it may seem like a simple method, there are some considerations that people who prefer this model should pay attention to. By examining all the details about the Model, you can get an idea on many issues.

Jaguarswap Platform Overview

The Jaguarswap platform comes with a simple , stylish and very useful interface. Even if you are a novice, you can easily trade on this platform. In addition, you can access all the necessary information from the Docs section on the site and view the Masterchef guide on how to start a farm .

JaguarSwap Farming and Stake pools

In addition to platform farming, it allows you to stake many cryptocurrencies and generate revenue.

Here are some pools where you can farm in the plaform.

JAGUAR-BUSD LP, JAGUAR-BNB LP , BNB-BUSD LP , USDT-BUSD LP , DAI-BUSD LP to browse the full list and select the pool that suits you best and start your farm you can go to his address.

Here are some pools where you can Stake in the plate.

JAGUAR, BUSD , WBNB, USDT, BTCB , ETH to browse the full list and select the pool that suits you best and start making stakes you can go to his address.

It also offers 0 commissions in farm and staking pools for platform Jaguar pairs.











Jaguarswap Emission Reduction

The initial emission rate is 1 Jaguar per block. And the emission rate will decrease by 3% in every 9,600 blocks (~ 12 hours) until it reaches 0.1 Jaguars per block. (To do this, the updateEmissionRate function in the MasterChef contract must be called)

Unlike other yield farms, where developers manually reduce emission rates at their own request, our emission rate reduction logic is coded in the smart contract and is run every 12 hours when updateEmissionRate is called.

This mechanism will greatly reduce the total supply and make our coin rarer and help make JAGUAR $ more valuable!

For full details : Visit the address.

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