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Is What Happened Recently Giving a Bullish Signal for DeFi?

Is What Happened Recently Giving a Bullish Signal for DeFi?

There is enough narrative about DeFi’s rise in response to every new development in the crypto space. From the KuCoin hacking scandal to the latest CFTC fees on BitMEX, every event is known to have a positive long-term impact on the ROI of DeFi projects. However, DeFi’s immediate and short-term effects are more important to traders.

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Retailer traders have funded DeFi projects for high return on investment (ROI), and DeFi’s performance over the past month has been inadequate in most respects. Projects like Yearn.Finance, Compound and Chainlink increased ROI by 500% before September; however, there was a rapid decline in ROI during September. Considering the 1-day returns, 3 of the projects consistently in the top 5 have negative TVL.

According to data from DeFiPulse, TVL has increased by 30% in the last 30 days; however, this increase in TVL is not an indication of the profitability of DeFi projects.

Long Term Returns Optimistic

The long-term returns of DeFi projects such as UMA and AKRO are optimistic; however, the short term returns are between 7 days and 30 days -19% to -67%. The projects listed on Messari’s chart are those with the lowest returns in the past week and month. However, the overall DeFi ecosystem may be due to real-world projects being unfounded or with no real benefit / use case.


The narrative that every negative event occurring in Bitcoin or in the crypto space has a positive connotation for DeFi may have backfired in the short term. Tired of the lack of volume and price movement in Bitcoin and the best altcoins on spot exchanges , retail traders moved to DeFi and their portfolio took a hit.

Popular trader and influencer Hsaka tweeted DeFi’s returns:


DeFi has been in beta recently, and most projects have generated returns between -40% and -60%. While the long-term outlook and forecast are very important for every investment instrument, it is also necessary to focus on short-term performance. This has the most visible impact on a traders portfolio. The best DeFi projects performed poorly and are losing ROI every day. In these cases it is important to recognize the need to rebalance your portfolio if necessary. Investors defense of ‘reasonable brought in to help the recovery of losses has made enough of Altcom. However, for those in the long run, DeFi projects continue to hold hope.

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