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Is Google Failing To Protect People From Crypto Scams?

Is Google Failing To Protect People From Crypto Scams?

Users of the decentralized Uniswap exchange may be at risk thanks to a new Google ad.The crypto influencer and YouTuber BitBoy said in a tweet on August 11, “Immediate Alert for Everyone Using Uniswap.”

By tagging Google’s Twitter accounts, he added:

“Google should be careful about this. Whoever manages Google Ads is Working Wrong. Ads of scammers flock on YouTube. “

According to BitBoy, entering a Google search for “UniSwap” occasionally comes across an ad link as one of the first results. “When you click on this ad, it will take you to a site that ONLY appears LIKE Uniswap, but it will ask you for your wallet keywords,” Impressive said as part of his tweet.

Entering this security phrase will result in funds stolen from the respective wallet.Uniswap has grown in popularity among crypto participants in recent weeks, and there has also been a surge in fraudulent activity amid rising altcoin prices.

Crypto Fraud

The Uniswap- looking scam site is not the first example that escaped Google’s attention A series of fake ads and videos appeared on Google’s sister company YouTube. Such videos encourage viewers to send crypto to an address, while promising they will receive greater amounts of crypto sent back to them. This is a famous crypto fraud ploy of recent times.Meanwhile, many legitimate crypto YouTubers have been on their way, with account bans and blockages since December 2019.

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