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IOTA and Dell to Promote Alvarium Project on February 24

IOTA and Dell to Promote Alvarium Project on February 24.

IOTA will work with Dell and Intel in the field of data reliability.According to the latest blog post, IOTA will be making the first promotion of the Alvarium project with Dell. The aim of the project is to calculate the data reliability of the users.

Ensuring the Reliability of Purpose

The aim of the project is to ensure the reliability of big data before it is used.

The project, which started two years ago, was originally called Data Confident Fabric (DCF). Later, the IOTA Streams application began to provide data reliability without sacrificing scalability and security.

The introduction of the IOTA Tangle-based project Alvarium, the integration of software and equipment with high compatibility has been successfully completed. The first use of Alvarium may be to avoid misinformation for coronavirus.

Alvarium Introduction Date

Dell and Intel will make the presentation of the IOTA project, USA will be held on February 24th time out of the ring with open webinar 12:00.

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