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Important Metaverse Move! 500 Billion Dollar Company!

The Metaverse will come, and we are rapidly approaching that future. Technology is developing faster than in the past, giant companies are entering this field one by one.

Important Metaverse Move! 500 Billion Dollar Company!

The world’s largest companies can no longer ignore cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The billion-dollar company has made its metaverse move. After exceeding the market value of 1 trillion dollars, META, which slackened to 500 billion dollars, will now start to sell the products of the future through physical stores. Here are the details.

Notable Metaverse Move

Meta is opening a metaverse-inspired physical store. Meta , formerly known as Facebook, has announced that it will open the first real-world store to sell VR and AR devices. The store, which will open on May 9, will be located on the Meta Burlingame campus. This is also where Reality Labs , a division of the company that focuses on the metaverse , is located.

The statement from the company is as follows;

“ In Meta Store , you will be able to get hands-on experience with all our hardware products. We want you to interact with everything. We want you to feel it”.

The store will include devices such as Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses, and customers will be able to search for retail partners using Meta’s Portal device, which allows video calling. There will also be a demo of the virtual reality headset Quest 2. According to the company, the purpose of the store is to give the public insight into the metaverse .

Meta Store Head Martin Gilliard said:

“We don’t sell metaverse in our store, but hopefully people will come and know a little more about how our products connect them to it.”

Facebook and Metaverse

Tech companies opening their own physical stores are not new, as seen with Apple , Google, and Microsoft. But this is a first for Meta, which has previously tried selling VR headsets in physical stores like Oculus products in New York City. The company has caused a lot of hype in the metaverse space since rebranding as Meta in 2021. Metaverse-focused cryptocurrencies brought serious gains to their investors.

However, major retailers such as electronics giant Samsung and Walmart have opened metaverse stores. We have seen that many companies from Turkey have opened virtual stores on platforms such as Decentraland ( MANA ).

Facebook rebranded it as Meta in October 2021, saying its focus has expanded beyond social media and later unveiled its metaverse vision to connect online social experiences and the physical world. Although technology giants, including Apple, have many stores around the world, approximately 2.9 billion users, Facebook has not opened a physical store.


Facebook is among the largest companies in the world with a market value of approximately 500 billion dollars.

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