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ICOs Are Not Dead! This Crypto Money Initiative Raises $ 10 Million Investment

ICOs Are Not Dead! This Crypto Money Initiative Raises $ 10 Million Investment

About 509 investors from dozens of countries participated in the auction. Investors paid $ 1 per Celo Gold (cGold) token they bought. Many investors, according to a spokesman clabs Germany, England, Turkey, India, Malaysia and Vietnam participated. The average buyer bought $ 19,646.37 for Celo Gold – a theoretically sufficient amount to be affirmative in the network. In addition, investors earned 50 bonus tokens with references.

The sale, which ended on Tuesday, took about 12 hours to complete.

cLabs cryptocurrency sales came with a $ 30 million venture capital fund from companies like Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz . Polychain in particular is among the 77 institutions that currently run Celo validator nodes.

When will the network become operational?

Buyers at CoinList are waiting to receive their cGold tokens on May 18, or at least these options are available. CoinList co-founder Andy Bromberg said that as soon as the Celo main network is switched, buyers can automatically find cGLD in their CoinList wallet or choose to send it to another wallet.

“Starting Monday will be a live value on the network,” cLabs partner Vanessa Slavich said.

Bromberg added that in 2020, after their $ 1.76 million collection for Solana, this was the second successful token sale on the platform.

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