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Hundred Millions Played in Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum!

Hundred Millions Played in Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum!

The upward trend in Bitcoin also brought Ethereum and Ripple above significant levels. ETH is above $ 300, while XRP is trading above $ 0.24. This upward trend in the market caused whales to come to light. Here are the whale operations and details that took place recently …

Ripple displaced ten million in XRP!

Crypto traders are watching the increase in effectiveness in Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) whales , as the market’s momentum shifts to major cryptocurrencies . According to XRPL Monitor, a bot account that tracks XRP transactions, San Francisco-based payment startup Ripple has mobilized 83 million XRP worth $ 19.18 million in the past 24 hours.

Mysterious Bitcoin Whale Mobilizes $ 1.3 Billion BTC!
Bitcoin Whale

In one transaction, the company sent 33 million XRP to the Ripple distribution wallet to be sold to third parties. In the other two transactions, Ripple sent 50 million XRP worth $ 11.5 million to unknown wallets. Here are the details of the XRP transactions:

  • 35.1 million XRP worth $ 8.1 million sent from Ripple to unknown wallet.
  • 14.8 million XRP worth $ 3.4 million sent from Ripple to unknown wallet.

Giant whales carried hundreds of millions in Bitcoin and Ethereum!

Meanwhile, Bitcoin whales also took action, because according to CoinMarketCap, the crypto king even broke the $ 11,400 psychological resistance. High-wealth Bitcoin holders carried 27,280 BTC worth more than $ 299 million in 13 transactions over the past 24 hours. In most transfers, BTCs have been moved from stock exchanges to unknown wallets. Two of the transfers belonged to crypto criminals who sent BTCs stolen from Bitfinex in unknown wallets in 2016.

According to CoinMarketCap , Ethereum whales wake up after $ 330, the highest level of 52 weeks. Whale Alert , the whale tracing bot , said  Ethereum owners have moved $ 46 million worth of 145,990 ETH in two transactions over the past 24 hours. In one of the transfers, whales carried ETH between two unknown wallets, and in the other they sent ETH from an unknown wallet to Binance.

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