How Much Bitcoin (BTC) Has Elon Musk Has?

How Much Bitcoin (BTC) Has Elon Musk Has?

Although Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s companies are known to buy Bitcoin (BTC) , there is no clear explanation about how much BTC investment he has.

Tesla’s $ 1.5 Billion BTC Purchase Could Be Trailer

Tesla, the pupil of Elon Musk, took one of the most logical steps to take against inflation by purchasing Bitcoin with $ 1.5 billion in reserve assets. It is not surprising that companies like Tesla are acting like this nowadays, as BTC is slowly replacing gold and other commodities.

The fact that Elon Musk does not make any statements about his BTC investment but frequently makes statements in favor of BTC on Twitter is known as a situation that puzzles investors. Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci finally made a statement in the way investors expected and announced how much BTC Elon Musk had estimated.

“Elon Musk Has $ 5 Billion BTC”

Scaramucci, one of the former advisors of the White House, emphasized that Musk owns more than $ 5 billion in Bitcoin. The famous name stated that this includes his own individual investment in addition to the funds received through Tesla and SpaceX. Stressing that no living person has done more to protect against climate change, Scaramucci actually made a very ambitious statement.

Billionaire Mike Novogratz supported this statement of the famous name. Bitcoin bull Novogratz stated in a statement on the subject that Scaramucci hit the target at 12 with this statement. Novogratz, who also announced support to encourage Musk, may have actually given more BTC buy signals.

Bitcoin Price Continues To Rise

Bitcoin price, on the other hand, has skyrocketed since March 2020 and may continue to rise further. The price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin , trading at $ 58,860 as of the time of this writing, has experienced a slight correction after the record of $ 61,500. After the FED’s decision to keep the interest rates stable, the sudden increase in the BTC price has officially proved that it is in demand from the institutional investor as a value storage tool.

While the BTC price gained a sharp rise, the fact that the ONS gold price fell behind it also strengthened the claims of those who support the situation.

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