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HOT Price and New Ascension Phase Commentary From Famous Analyst For DENT!

HOT Price and New Ascension Phase Commentary From Famous Analyst For DENT!

Michael van den with a serious followers from Turkey Poppe, crypto currency of the country’s most popular HOT was a good guess about.

Second Chance for HOT Price

With more than 200,000 followers and in particular they have recently created a large portion of the investors in Turkey Poppe, it gave hope with HOT analysis. HOT price , which recently broke a record but fell sharply , may have another chance, according to the famous analyst.

The well-known crypto analyst stated that if the HOT price holds in the gray zone, it could achieve a new rise. Stating that the daily support for new entries is $ 0.010 and the 4-hour support is between $ 0.016 and $ 0.018, Poppe emphasized that the target is $ 0.022.

Holo (HOT) Price
Holo (HOT) Price

Looking at the famous analyst’s chart, it is seen that the target of the HOT price is $ 0.025 after the $ 0.022 level. HOT, which broke the all-time record by reaching the level of $ 0.03 against the US dollar, can be pulled up to $ 0.005 if it fails to hold the support. Poppe pointed out that the support in question is highly testable.

DENT is on Support

Another crypto currency that the analyst commented on and took a look at the technical chart was DENT. HOT DENT the same as having a serious investor audience in Turkey. Although the DENT price went up to $ 0.02 and broke the all-time record, it was subsequently pulled to $ 0.01. The analyst thinks that if the green support point holds for DENT, an uptrend may come.

Holo (HOT) Price
Holo (HOT) Price

Poppe’s bullish target for DENT is in the $ 0.016 to $ 0.018 range and resistances.

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