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Holo and Chiliz Price: Latest Status on HOT and CHZ Charts

Holo and Chiliz Price: Latest Status on HOT and CHZ Charts

The total cryptocurrency market volume is above $ 2.2 trillion, and there is currently a correction or consolidation in all cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. While Holo (HOT), one of the most popular crypto coins of recent times, is keeping up with the market for now, it is seen that Chiliz (CHZ) has made a rise with the news of a partnership, but then switched to red candles.

HOT Price Is Stable For Now

HOT, which started its own rally in March and broke its own record with $ 0.0316 on April 5, fell after this record and lost value to $ 0.0162. However, at this point, it should be noted that HOT is still above the level where it started its rally and is at higher levels than it was 1 month ago.

Hot price analysis
Hot price analysis

According to analysts, the correction after a major rally is quite normal. If the HOT price breaks the $ 0.23 resistance, it is thought that it could start a new rally. However, another move to the downside could lead to testing the $ 0.016 levels in HOT.

Post-Rise Drop in CHZ

The crypto currency CHZ, which is the most talked about 2021 and made a name for itself with both its partnership signatures and its rising chart, has been quietly moving in recent weeks. However, Chiliz broke its silence with the Rakuten partnership and the CHZ price rose significantly yesterday.

The price of CHZ, which rose from $ 0.48, rose to $ 0.84. However, the rapidly rising cryptocurrency fell at the same speed and the price retreated to $ 0.60.

Chz price analysis
Chz price analysis

After the partnership statement and the upward price movement, it is seen that the interest of Turkish investors in CHZ , which is also a trend topic on Twitter .

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