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Hackers steal $ 200 million from 5 Bitcoin exchanges

Hackers steal $ 200 million from 5 Bitcoin exchanges.

The group called ClearSky “CryptoCore” operates outside of Eastern Europe, according to the company, and has been targeting crypto exchanges since 2018. Also, according to the company, the group mostly targets exchanges in the USA and Japan.Although the crypto gang seized over $ 200 million in two years, ClearSky said, “The group is technically undeveloped; instead, it is fast, permanent and effective. ”

CryptoCore executes its attacks by accessing crypto wallets owned by exchanges and employees. The group begins with a “comprehensive discovery phase against the company and its employees”.The gang emails an administrator and phishing attack from the account where they appear to be a senior employee from the same manager or a partner company.

After infiltrating the network, the gang installs malware and provides access to administrator accounts where all keys of crypto wallets are stored. Then they wait for a while and withdraw the money from their wallets by “reacting instantly and quickly” when multi-factor authentication is removed.ClearSky said these attacks fell in the first half of 2020, with a possible cause being the COVID-19 outbreak. He added, however, that “he has not stopped completely.” You can find the detailed report of the security company here .

“Phishing” is constantly being used by cryptocurrency fraudsters

The e-fraud method, also known as “phishing,” is a common method used by crypto scammers. For example, at the beginning of the year, a big phishing campaign was organized against YouTubers. Owners of accounts with many subscribers lost their accounts by clicking on dangerous links. Then scammers deleted all the videos in the accounts; Claiming that he will make live streams with figures such as Elon Musk or CEO of Binance , he asked viewers to send crypto money, saying they would earn more. A fake Musk account even made 2 million dollars in two months.

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